Frequently Asked Questions

What is

MonkeyWish is the revolutionary social gifting network featuring curated gift ideas including a new generation gift registry and wishlist service. By way of the mobile app or website, anyone can browse for gift ideas or members can create and share a wishlist by adding any item from any retailer onto one easy-to-use list. What’s more, users can view their friends' lists and click directly to the retailer's site to make the actual gift purchase. The best part...we keep your gift a surprise! When you mark a wish “granted," everyone else can see that wish has been granted (to avoid duplicates) BUT the gift recipient cannot see that the gift has been purchased.

Why Use MonkeyWish?

Tired of not knowing what gifts to buy? Browse our lists of the best curated gift ideas or invite someone to make their own custom wishlist. We take the guess work out of gifting. MonkeyWish makes registering easy by offering two ways to add items to a wishlist. 1) Download the MonkeyWish mobile app in iTunes and scan any barcode to add an item to your list. 2) Using the web, download the browser extension button, similar to your Pinterest button, to add items from any retailer on the world wide web via the website. We currently support Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

Where can I download the app?

Currently, you can only download the MonkeyWish app from Apple’s iTunes store.

Do I need to be a member?

Yes and no. You can browse our lists of curated gift ideas, you can search by name for your friends’ lists, and you can invite someone to make a wishlist, without becoming a member.

In order to create your own wishlist you will need to become a member. Don’t worry, it’s free!

What is a UPC?

A UPC is a Universal Product Code that contains vertical bars and a 12-digit code that is printed on most products and their packaging. Using the scan technology the MonkeyWish mobile app can identify and provide a list of retailers who carry that product.

I scanned a product, but I am not getting results, why?

From time to time there are retailers that do not share their inventory with the UPC code databases. Unfortunately, this is out of our control. If you scanned a product and are not getting any results, that retail must not share their information, and you will likely need to manually add that item.

Will my friend see that I have purchased an item off their wishlist?

No! We would never ruin the surprise. It is important that you inform us that you have purchased an item, so as to avoid duplicate gifts. While other users can clearly see that item as wish “granted,” the gift recipient cannot see the items purchased from their own wishlist.

Do we charge to be a member of MonkeyWish?

No way! It’s completely free.

Do most browsers work on MonkeyWish?

In short, yes. We have tested MonkeyWish on the most popular web browsers. If you are having a problem please contact us ( and let us know which browser you are experiencing trouble with. We will do our best to resolve your issue.